College Scholarships

In 2002, KidSingers established a College Scholarship Fund to help kids earn money to attend college. For these children
the idea of a college education was not even in their awareness. Now, they not only want to go to college, it is a priority to them.

To date, more than $125,000 in College Scholarships has been awarded to kids.

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“Thanks to the scholarship money I am earning through KidSingers my goal of being the first person in my family to attend college is getting closer. I love to learn and I want to create a better future for myself and to be able to help others that are in need. Thanks to KidSingers I know I can achieve this.”

“When I asked my friend what he was going to do after high school, he said, ‘Nothing, I guess, just start working.’ That’s how I felt before I started KidSingers, but now the idea of attending college is a definite goal for me.”

College Scholarship Recipients

Yaribel Aguila A senior at Century High school, she is 17 years old and has been in KidSingers for 7 years.Read her 2017 essay here!
Leslie Hernandez A junior at Godinez Fundamental High School has been in the program since 2013. Read her 2017 essay here!
Melisa Luis A junior at Middle College High School. Read her 2017 essay here!
Laura Locken A junior at Tustin High School has been in the program since 2009. Read her 2017 essay here!
Imani Parish A junior at Tustin High School has been in the program since 2009. Read her 2017 essay here!
Victoria Pluma A junior at Saddleback High School has been in the program since 2012. Read her 2017 essay here!
Marlene Ponce  Read her 2017 essay here!
Denise Zamora Read her 2017 essay here!

Additional recipients: Yaribel Aguila, Britny Arceo, Daniel Ayala, Itsai Casillas, Nancy Castaneda, Jessica Castro, Jose Castro, Berenice Cervantes, Jessica Cortez, Ana Diaz, Rose Diaz, Justin Fletcher, Evelina Galvan, Mauricio Garcia, Adriana Guerrero, Marina Guerrero, Luis Guillen, Roxana Guillen, Ximena Guillen, Leslie Hernandez, Efrain Lara, Victor Lara, Laura Locken, Fred Lopez, Sara Lopez, Melisa Luis, Alex Mascorro, Adrian Miranda, Bianca Miranda, Huver Miranda, Oscar Morales, Deanna Munoz, Stacy Munoz, Adriana Ochoa, Erick Ojeda, Stephanie Ortega, Katrina Oscal, Gennyvera Pacheco, Alexis Parish, Imani Parish, Victoria Pluma, Marlene Ponce, Danielle Roberts, Kathy Rodriguez, Martha Romero, Alberto Rubio, Daisy Santacruz, Yvonne Santibanez, Carolanne Simon, Geovana Tapia, Guillermo Velazquez, Miguel Vazquez, Andrea Villa, Denise Zamora